Surprise your Boyfriend for Anniversary – 13 beautiful ideas

You want to surprise your boyfriend for your anniversary? We have some nice ideas for surprises and gifts for you.

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Surprise boyfriend on anniversary – Introduction

Surprise boyfriend on anniversary – Introduction

The anniversary with your boyfriend is something very special. After all, you came together on this day. And the fact that you’re looking for ideas to surprise your loved one on their anniversary only shows that it should stay that way.

And that’s a good thing, too. The anniversary is something you should honor. Because with this you surely both connect great memories. To keep it that way, let’s add another nice one this year. A successful surprise for your boyfriend on the anniversary will make sure that he will never forget the day.

The surprise does not have to be expensive. The important thing is that you have thought about what he might like. And also make a little effort. Because that still shows him how valuable he is to you. And because the day is strongly connected with your love and relationship, it can also be a bit romantic.

13 surprises for boyfriend for anniversary

Below you will find the list and explanations of the surprises.

Create a yearly album

Buy a nice book or album and then fill it with memories from the past year. You will surely find enough pictures on your smartphone. And if you’ve planned something before, you’ll have some memories stored. Tickets from concerts or stadium visits. Tickets from events or movie nights. A bit of sand or coral from your vacation.

For each memory, write a few lines and stick a funny photo to it. Also leave some space at the end and write that you are looking forward to spending more time together. Of course, this includes a beautiful photo album. .

Breakfast in bed

What better way to start the day than by having breakfast brought to your bed. Get up a little earlier, take a breakfast tray and load it with lots of nice things. Besides cutlery, plates and glasses, of course, with fresh rolls, an omelet and hot coffee. You can also add a candle or some rose petals to give it a little more atmosphere.

Do something together

Whether it’s a bike ride with a picnic, a trip to the spa or a day at the amusement park. It’s nice when you can spend time together and spend the day together. Here you can find ideas for trips with your boyfriend. If you want to dedicate the whole day to him, you can cook for your boyfriend in the evening and round off the day. If you want to surprise your boyfriend for the anniversary, an exciting trip, whether spontaneous or planned, is always well received.

Put a love lock

The love lock is always a successful surprise for the anniversary. You can engrave it with names and of course the date. Then take a nice walk and you pull out the lock. This you can then attach together in a place where you often walk by. Or a romantic place. After that, when you are at the place, you both know that your lock will hang there exciting trip, whether spontaneous or planned, is always well received.

The short trip

This is already a big surprise for your boyfriend for the anniversary. It requires some planning, preparation and also budget. But it doesn’t have to be a weekend in Venice. A small trip to a place your friend always wanted to see is enough. Whether spontaneously to the sea, to a nice city or o some sightseeing. There are many great destinations in every country.

Alternative: A trip through your own city

This can also be exciting. Have you ever done a city tour through your own city? Then why not do a little DIY city tour. And afterwards you go to a good Italian restaurant. The finish is then the overnight stay in the city’s own hotel. Guaranteed a nice thing.

The next year – the future surprise

How about filling a small treasure chest with 12 slips of paper. On the slips are surprises for certain things you will do together. Each month for the next year, your boyfriend gets to draw a slip of paper. Afterwards, you’ll do what’s on it together. A movie night for him, a beauty day with a massage for him, or going to the stadium to see his favorite club. The surprises are all designed for him, of course. This way, you show him that you’re already looking forward to the next year with him. And so he has 12 great things to look forward to all year.

If you are particularly diligent, you can of course also make 52 slips of paper for each week. Then you can also put in small things like a surprise egg, a note with a joke or just a picture of you. Of course, you should have the surprises well hidden in a box at home!

Create something together

How about creating something together on your anniversary. It will always remind you of that day. Besides, you spend time together and you can use the result wonderfully.

A joint calendar, a collage, pottery your joint ashtray, paint a picture of you, spray your initials on a wall, make your own rings at a goldsmithing class. There are plenty of ideas for what you can create together.

Cook for him

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So if you want to surprise your boyfriend for the anniversary, then cook for your loved one.

For the anniversary, it may also be a 3-course menu. In addition, you get a wine that he likes. If you are unsure, of course, it also does his favorite beer. Dress up a bit, a great dress shows him that you want to do something good for him. Also decorate the apartment/kitchen a little. And serve him at dinner. Let him sit back and relax.

Immortalize your initials

Do you often go for a walk in a certain direction? Then walk this round today as well. You were there before and carved your initials with a heart in a very specific place (e.g. in a tree). Of course, the date may not be missing – after all, it’s your anniversary. Alternatively, you bring a knife or the like and you immortalize together at the place. For the romantic friends a successful surprise for the anniversary.

Keep in mind that its not legal in some areas do carve something to trees.

A filler book

A fill-in book is quite a great thing, especially for an anniversary. It’s a lot of work to fill out the book. But it is worth it! It brings back a lot of memories and you can show how well you know each other. If necessary, you can make the book just about the last year. Either way, your boyfriend will be excited to flip through the book.

Anniversary 2.0

How about going back to the day you got together? Re-enact what you did back then. The same place, maybe even the same clothes and of course the same experience. And then kiss each other again at the exact place where it all began.

Joint photo shoot

Just capture your anniversary in pictures! Book a nice photo shoot for both of you. Or you can borrow a good camera from friends, find a nice location and do a photo shoot yourself. First he is the model and you are the photographer and then you swap. Fun and laughs are preprogrammed!

Gift ideas for boyfriend for anniversary

If you want to give your boyfriend an anniversary gift, it should be personal first and foremost. After all, you are celebrating the day you came together. So, it may as well be personalized with your name and the date.

  • 100 things every couple should do once
  • Picture
  • Picture frame
  • Pillow or one of these or this
  • Cookbook for couples
  • Light box
  • Couple jewelry e.g. rings, bracelets, necklace, pendants
  • Couple things e.g. aprons, wine glasses, champagne glasses, cups, coffee cups, hoodies
  • Slate heart with engraving
  • Slumber light
  • Keychain heart or leather
  • Diary for couples
  • Mug
  • Surprise box
  • Wellness day

Surprise boyfriend for anniversary – Conclusion

These were our ideas and examples of surprises for your boyfriend for anniversary. The right surprise can give your beloved a great pleasure. You know him best yourself and you know what will please him. On the one hand, it is important that you remember your anniversary and do not forget it. And on the other hand, that you spend time with your friend, because that is often worth more than many gifts.

We hope you got some inspiration. We are constantly expanding our list and would be happy if you stop by again.

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