Surprise girlfriend on her birthday – the best birthday surprises

You want to surprise your girlfriend for her birthday and are looking for good ideas? Then you are right. How to do it and what is useful for a birthday surprise for the girlfriend, we reveal it here.

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Surprise girlfriend for her birthday – Introduction

The birthday is a very special day. And that’s exactly why you should celebrate it accordingly!

A successful birthday surprise for your girlfriend can make her day even more beautiful. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money. It is much more important that you know what surprise your girlfriend might like for her birthday. So listen carefully to your girlfriend in the weeks leading up to her birthday. What does she need? What does she like? What does she talk about with her friends? What does she like to eat and drink? What interests does she have? What is she dying to try? All of this can be very helpful when it comes to surprising your girlfriend for her birthday. And if you still can’t think of anything concrete yourself, you can better assess what she likes and what she doesn’t like.

We can give you some ideas on how to surprise your girlfriend for her birthday. However, you should know yourself whether she might like the surprise. Of course, it’s best to give the surprise a personal touch from you to her. And don’t forget: it’s a surprise! So make sure she doesn’t find out what you’re going to surprise her with for her birthday.

Birthday surprises for your girlfriend – 14 ideas

Below you will find first the list and detailed explanations of the surprises.

Invite people she has not seen for a long time

Does she sometimes talk about her best childhood friend who moved away? Or is there a best friend who now lives in another city? How about a surprise guest like that and writing to them? Help with travel and provide a place to stay.

When your friend sees this person standing in the doorway on her birthday, she will surely be extremely surprised.

Create a year album for your girlfriend

What better birthday surprise for your girlfriend than a homemade yearly album!

To do this, first get a nice book. (You don’t have to make it yourself).

Then fill it with beautiful memories of the past year. Write a few lines about each moment and add a few photos or mementos.

“Here we both were at the concert, remember how nice it was when we sang along together and kissed.” If possible, include a photo of the two of you from the concert and tape the tickets to it.

“Our little bike ride to the lake. Good thing I’m a master at fixing tires :).”

“Hawaii – just you and me. The time with you was just indescribable.” Again with picture and for example a shell.

Pack nice and also funny pictures with it and write the date to it. Just look through your smartphone, you will surely find enough inspiration for many memories. You can print the photos at a photo station. It doesn’t have to be a lot of moments. If you take only the 12 best moments and fill them with a few pictures and lines, she will be surprised and happy!

At the end, write a few personal lines and of course that you enjoyed the year with her and are looking forward to the next one. This idea is also perfect as a Valentine’s Day surprise for your girlfriend.

Yoga lesson in the morning

Start the day in a different way and prepare a small yoga session in the morning. Even if you’re not a yoga fan.

Lay out two mats in your living room and watch a youtube video with a yoga session. It doesn’t have to be long – 15 minutes is enough. And then tell her that you want to start the day together with her. She will surely feel really good afterwards and it will give her strength for her birthday. This is how you start the day!

do geocaching / a scavenger hunt with her

For this you can start at her home. When she enters the door she should see the first clue. The questions should be related to you or your relationship.

“Do you also think back fondly to our first vacation together?” This leads to the picture in the living room of your vacation.

You can include apartment, garden, car, or even places you go to together.

In the end, there’s the biggest birthday surprise of all: you holding a gift for your girlfriend!

go to the shopping mall with your girlfriend

Which girlfriend doesn’t like to go shopping? But instead of going to the city just look for a nice shopping or outlet center, which is not too far away.

Then grab your girlfriend and let’s go! She doesn’t even have to know where you’re going. When you arrive, she will know. Tell her that she can choose a piece for herself.

And the most important thing: Be in a good mood! Even if you don’t like shopping yourself. Tell her what suits her and what does not. Give her feedback and be interested! She will definitely appreciate it.

Say it with flowers

“Flowers are the language of love”. And they never get old even for her birthday. The modern gentleman surprises his girlfriend with a flower for her birthday too.

You can also get the flowers in the number of their age. Or how about a preserved flower that will last a whole year!

Breakfast in bed

What better way to start your girlfriend’s birthday than with breakfast in bed!

Just get up a little earlier and prepare everything. Take a tray and put all the necessary things on it: two cups, two plates and cutlery. And of course, delicious food, fresh rolls or even a fruit bowl. Add freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee and a glass of champagne.

Decorate everything with a few rose petals and beautiful candles.

And then serve your girlfriend the fresh breakfast in the morning. Enjoy the time with her, feed her and start the day happy.

A candlelight dinner

The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach! And if you don’t have time for breakfast and want to spend the evening in cozy togetherness, then cook a romantic candlelight dinner for your girlfriend.

Decorate the apartment a little and put out some rose petals and light candles. Or even a heart made of small lights. A vase with a few flowers should not be missing either. Background music can also help.

Arrange the table beautifully. The good dishes, nice cutlery and a good wine with appropriate glasses should not be missing. Or alternatively a bottle of champagne.

If you know what she likes to eat, then you are well prepared. If not, go for a classic like lasagna, spaghetti carbonara or salmon.

Tip for dessert: chocolate fondue! She’ll love it and it’s romantic, too. Together, you’ll dip fruits like strawberry, banana, grape, kiwi and feed each other. And who knows, you might even snack on each other afterwards!

Let the evening end, look deep into each other’s eyes and reminisce about her last year. You can combine this well with the annual album.

Attache a love lock

Surprise her with a personalized love lock. This contains your names and of course the date.

Take her to the place where you dated, or where you first met or kissed. And there you pull out the lock and you attach it together. So that it stays there forever.

You can then visit the place again on her next birthday and see if it’s still there. A nice romantic surprise for your girlfriend’s birthday.

plan a surprise party

Doesn’t sound very exciting at first. But honestly, has a surprise party ever been thrown for you?

If she is not the biggest party pooper, then such a surprise party always goes down well. After all, she doesn’t have to worry about anything and that’s often the reason why you yourself have so little desire to do so.

It’s best to tell your girlfriend that you’d like to go out for dinner with her in the evening. The main thing is that she doesn’t suspect that you are planning a party for her. Let the guests know in advance so that they can all keep the date free. Good friends of hers will be happy to help you with the planning.

It doesn’t have to be a huge party either. Invite her best friends. Buy some food and drinks. Decorate the apartment a little with balloons. A birthday cake with candles should not be missing.

She should simply feel good and have a relaxed and successful day with her friends and family.

Not all women, are happy about such surprise parties. But with most of them, you can be sure that they will be happy.

Do something with her

The best thing you can give your girlfriend for her birthday is of course time with you.

So how about doing something together. It could be something where you can enjoy togetherness or something she has been dying to do. Just see if a certain event falls on the day of her birthday. A nice concert, a theater or musical.

Or has she had a fervent surprise wish for a long time? A balloon ride, a bungee jump or a ride in her dream car?

With a little preparation, all of these can be a great birthday surprise for your girlfriend.

Here are a few suggestions for things to do with your girlfriend on her birthday:

  • Balloon ride
  • Spa / Wellness day
  • Book a hotel room and use room service
  • Bicycle tour with picnic
  • Rafting tour
  • Candle light dinner / dinner in the dark
  • Camping trip
  • Bungee / parachute jump
  • concert, theater, musical, opera
  • go to the sea
  • drive-in cinema
  • Couple photo shooting
  • Test drive in a dream car
  • wine, gin, whiskey tasting
  • Diving course
  • Ice skating
  • Segway tour

A jar full of fun

Surprise your girlfriend with a jar in which you put 52 little notes. Every week for the next year, she can take out a note.

You can get the notes in red paint and cut them out in a heart shape.

What should you write on the notes? A saying, quote, joke or even coupon is always good. Or: your horoscope, fortune cookie sayings and a rivet.

From this birthday surprise your girlfriend will have something not only one day, but a whole year!

Bake for her

Never baked before? You will! A simple chocolate cake is sure to please her and you’ll get it done. Covered with an imperfect fondant heart. At least she can be sure that you personally baked it 😉 .

And that’s what she’s most excited about, isn’t it? Maybe you even know which cakes your girlfriend likes, then go ahead and bake her something delicious.

Fondant makes it really easy to add decorations like names and dates to any cake! Even as a beginner.

Surprise girlfriend for her birthday – Conclusion

These were our tips and surprises for your girlfriend for her birthday. A little romance is totally okay on this day. Even if she is not very romantic, on this day of the year she will forgive you.

A birthday surprise for your girlfriend doesn’t have to be expensive either. Even a little something for your girlfriend can have a big impact if it comes from the heart. Do not forget her birthday or start thinking about it the day before. So save the day in your calendar in case of need!

The best surprise is, of course, time with you. This is often much more valuable than material gifts. Why don’t you take the day off or at least come home early. That way you can spend as much time with her as possible. She will surely be grateful for that.

We hope you found some useful birthday surprises for your girlfriend. We regularly update all the posts, so feel free to check back.

If you have a question or an idea, we are always happy to receive a message.

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